Established more than 10 years ago, Unilux Cards’ primary goal was to service the financial institutions industry, by providing high-end PVC payment cards in a timely and professional manner in the Lebanese market. Today, and thanks to an impeccable reputation that we’ve built with our customers and worldwide cards providers such as Visa and MasterCard, along with a diversified array of products and services, our clients network spans in the entire Middle East and North Africa through our sister companies and subsidiaries.
Our team consists of a number of young entrepreneurs who come from a business academic background and more than 10 years of strong involvement in the electronic payment industry, namely printing, embossing, personalizing, operations, product development, etc.

Along with strategic partners that we represent, we’ve earned our current market leader positioning, with both a local and regional recognition.

We’ve repeatedly lead the way in the past, namely with the introduction of  brand new and innovative products in the region, such as NFC tags and bracelets, top notch fulfillment packages, OTP cards, etc.

Today, we are once again on top of the innovative progress, as it’s being drawn established by highly skilled engineers and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Our main concern is to continuously re-assess our processes and strategize of ways to enhance them.

We strive to stay one step ahead, as today’s technology advances at incredible speeds. Our ultimate goal is to give you the best of what technology has to offer, to drive you in becoming number 1.